About City Pro Group, Inc

cpgFounded in 1992, City-Pro Group, Inc. provides state of the art services to children with developmental delays and disabilities. An industry leader in both the evaluation and treatment of children on the autistic spectrum, City Pro seeks to help each child reach his or her full potential. Our highly experienced, multi-lingual team supports early development with evaluations, service coordination and therapies that include physical and occupational therapies, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), speech therapy, special education, family training, and other special instruction. Serving all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Westchester Counties, City Pro’s programs address all facets of a child’s development.

Referral Program

Know of a colleague (SLP, SW, PT, SI-ABA Provider) who currently has availability to take cases? Is he/she bi-lingual (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, etc.)?

Please contact Edgar Santana 718-769-2698, extension 304 or by email: esantana@cityprogroup.com.

You may qualify for a referral bonus of $250.00 or more!

Our best referrals come from our providers!

Upcoming Events

Introductory ABA Training

Date: Tuesday, 8/25/15, 10-3pm  – All BOOKED!!
Location: 329 East 149th Street, 4th Floor, Bronx, NY 10451
Time: Registration starts at 10am

Principles of ABA and The Tools You’ll Need to Provide Effective ABA Services in the Home and Community.

Click here to register and/or to sign up for upcoming ABA trainings.

*More advanced trainings will be coming up soon, please check back regularly to learn more.*

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What Our Families Say

“M. is an incredible therapist. I am very satisfied and happy with the tremendous improvements in all areas.”

– Monika M. (Brooklyn, NY)

“A. is a wonderful clinician. Our child loves her and T. has shown a lot of progress.”

– Jessica S. (Bronx, NY)

“I am blessed with my clinicians.”

– Elizabeth R. (Brooklyn, NY)

“I am very happy with the progress I have seen in my child since receiving care from City Pro. The team has done a wonderful job.”

– Salony D. (Queens, NY)

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